Top Money Making Apps for Android Phones 2019

Ever do you think that about actually make money fast by Android phone? we are going to show you 30 money making apps for Android phones 2019. Apps that pay you earn a side income.  We have collected the best income money making apps from a survey in 2019 legit ways to make money from home.

We do everything by using Android smartphone from transfer cash banking to handing bill etc. so why you do not think about that make money fast using your phone from home too?

Here is a top list of money-making websites and application tool that actually won’t make huge money in a short time. But this is one of the best legit ways to earn money by using Android mobile. Quick check out the list of best smartphone apps that you will get paid.  So, let’s get to start!

Best 10 money making Apps for Android phones fast!

1: eBates

Ebates is moneymaking app for Android. If you want to make money online just install eBates app that pays you some extra cash by an online shopper. Every frequent mobile shopper will be pushed notification about new sales and deals when they stay online. With shopping save money, cash back 40% up and earn rewards. Below this link earns money app Download.


top money making apps for Android phones

2: Uber

It’s a little bit harder to earn money with uber. This smartphone app that pays money on over ridesharing. This is actually a ridesharing application for Android user. You can ride in minutes day or night with don’t need to wait for a taxi or bus. The money earning tool is available in 630+ towns worldwide. Just download the app and take part-time works today to get some extra money online by smartphone. Below this link earns money app Download.


3: Swagbucks

As an Android mobile user, you can make money from home legit way by using the app. The Swagbucks is the best ways of making money on the internet and cash back anytime for $5 – $25 gift offers for Amazon, Target, PayPal, Walmart and much more. As a Swagbucks user, you will get a notification when you are an eligible person for taking surveys or paid tasks. Below this link earns money app Download.


4: Dosh

Dosh is another moneymaking app for Android. It must cashback to users. I highly suggest it. use that through the best way to make money income. It offers all “passive revenue” while you shop, eat, travel and much more at connecting local and national commerce. Just need to link to your credit/debit card it will automatically return the cash back. Also, if you buy something or referring your friends you will $5 and when your friends’ sign up it will give him $5 them. Below this link earns money app Download.


5: Ibotta

I love these Android apps that pay you money. Ibotta is another popular app that gives you to earn some cash for shopping anyway.

How to Make money with Ibotta Android app

  • At first Download Ibotta from the official website.
  • Install it on your device before you shop, now it will offer on products which you generally purchase anyway.
  • Now you frequently buy any products any participating market anywhere. Don’t miss out your receipt!
  • To enjoy cash offers you have to take a photo of your receipt. Ibotta will now scan the items which one you purchased to their offers and it will cash back within 48 hours.

It will offer an extra passive money income source by referring friends to friends. If you tell your buddy to sign up, they get $10 and you get $5. Below this link earns money app Download.


6: Acorns

Acorns is an Android app that pays you money through micro-investing. 

How Acorns is best money-Making methods

  • It rounds up your shopping to the closest dollar and invests to every day the difference on your behalf. For example, you buy candy for $1.75, Acorns will round it up to $2.00 and invest from own $.25 in “smart portfolios”.
  • It will offer when you shop over 300+ top brands by investing.
  • Grow your Knowledge by top life coaches advice, for example, Tony Robbins, Kevin Durant and much more.
  • Let’s start the action with over 5 million people to invest with Acorns!

You can add as many credit or debit cards and Withdraw money without a fee. Below this link earns money app Download.



Healthywage the best idea of ways of making money on the internet. This is money earning app allowed by the Government to win up to $10,000 by taking an open challenge on your own weight loss.

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How this smartphone App that Pay or works

  • Start your bet by adding HealthyWage Prize Calculator. Insert how much weight you’d like to lose, and how long you’ll take to lost it, and enter how much you want to bet a month for that during of time.
  • This money-making tool that determines your worth amount, up to $10,000. You can play with own your desired price around the calculator wait until you get the same price.
  • To start play of your price just sign up and click to agree with the duration of the challenge.
  • Run to achieve your weight-loss target, and win your Prize!

So, if you don’t hit your victory, your money automatically goes to admin HealthyWage, and your money will transfer him who achieve their goals. Below this link earns money app Download.



Do you which one is the best apps to make money fast?  you can choose and add your list Instacart Grocery Delivery app for your mobile.

This app pays you some extra earn cash for you, in doing something grocery shopping every week. You can shop on demand from your favorite supermarkets in short time. Instacart is a big delivery service in the top country. You get paid in hundreds of states like the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Austin, Atlanta, Washington D.C and much more.

You can easy way to make money over $100 each day in only 3 hours. This is one of the be money making tool fast. Below this link earns money app Download.



Seated is money making website that pays 30% cash back. This especially every moment incentive me to go out to eat something.  When I eat out and get paid even if I make a reservation by their app.

By booking a reservation you can make $10 to $50 every time with their gift cards. If you revel huge time & have to eat out a lot of time, so you make $200 in one month by using this app.

How Android apps that pay you money and it works:

  • It offers book reservation on this application you can decide your preferable reward
  • To get paid you have to upload dine out the receipt to verify what you have spent.
  • Your closeable reward code will be offered automatically in the app within 24 hours of every lucky reservation.

Restaurants are consistently searching for best ways to get new loyal customers so that they offer $10-$50 in hopes they become a regular customer. Below this link earns money app Download.


10: FOAP

Photography is the best money-making methods in the world. Foap is the best cash app for photographers who can earn money using their phone. if you are not a professional photographer yet, you can learn from Google to become the best photo shooter by smartphone. The FOAP has a Missions offer which actually used for companies. You can decide to take “Mission” you have to fulfill company requirements what type of photo or video they are looking. If your photos or videos are selected, you could win in the mission and get $1000! Below this link earns money app Download.


11: Trim

Trim app provides to their visitors’ lower price without negotiating from Comcast. Also, lower car saving insurance and extra ways to save money. It will work for you as a persona Financial Assistant.

You just link this moneymaking app to Android it will automatically analyze your spending penny and save your money in each area.

Trim is the best smartphone app that you will get paid and saving 25% of your spending money. Its hard works to save extra money. You can as a whole save between $5-$50. Below this link earns money app Download.


Here is a top list of money-making apps for Android phones I hope you are able to make some cash through this app.

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