7 Min Workout APP – Free Download For Android

Are you busy in the era of modern technology age? Ever then you are disappointed with your health and wealth.

You have come in right place. 7 min workout app with coming in Android device to keep your healthy body in right position.

The application gives an accurate guide to the busy person in their busy schedule. Using this tool do active your full body and mind from unhealthy.

It has developed to encourage Incomprehensible users to kick-start fighting fit habits.

7-minute warm-up timer provides a few suggestions for the users so that their visitors can achieve top results in a short time.

You can use a number of Customization options like yours personalized fitness schedule.

Using this app user can decide between a female or male trainer to an advisor they while they start their warm-up.

This application home screen complete workouts in tandem with operating, giving some addition motivational completely the twelve circuits.

During the exercise time, it takes a short break between each new warm-up.

How to control the 7-minute workout app burn?

As a fitness lover, sometimes seem to think that how to calculate how much calories are burned in a 7 min workout? This is your right question like me fast time. Don’t worry we are ongoing with you.

Let’s dive into that you have known that about how to track this tool.

It has multiple features that track the task of the uses by a calendar, after complete the everyday routine, it automates off.

Their weight watcher option permits peoples to note they weigh, and track growth.  It motivated to stay users by Graphics encourage with some small speech of encouragement to nearer the progress bar.

The latest update with came in a sharing option. Now every user can show off their exercise to Twitter and Facebook followers or with fans and buddy.

Furthermore, to an English option, the 7-minute warm-up timer application is also in Japanese, French, and German.

Now it is suitable for iOS and Android, although users are coming from Wi-Fi.

You can start a quick routine for training anywhere and anytime, In offer best exercise for right people just like you and me.

You need have only 7 minutes.  The New York time 7-minute workout has been advertised as “maximum results with short investment”

This 7 min application is founded on HICT, it has been proven as safest, most efficient and most effective to build your muscular and aerobic fitness.

You can monitor your heart rate via connected to an Android device or to a watch.

But don’t think to burn much. However, in 7 minutes you will burn 50 to 100 calories it depends on your speed.

7 min workout app

How to download 7 min workout app free


To be complete 12 exercises the best training apps need for 30 seconds, within 10 seconds come back each exercise to the new one.  To start all the stuff, you have needed a chair and a wall. How much time do you have to spend to repeat 2-3 circuits depend on is. You set up you the fast choice at the office and at home.

So, let’s see all the features:

  • Support Google Fit
  • Voice instruction
  • Adaptable circuit time
  • Included rest time
  • Keep the home on when your exercises
  • Nice UI design and awesome character
  • Full exercises time shows your workout log
  • Right to stop the exercises and skip to the new or the previous exercise notices for regular exercises.
  • With abs workout for women

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Permission details:


  • Storage: save data to your phone or SD card
  • Network communication: To allow saving data to Google Fit
  • Phone call: Manage even important phone calls during the exercises time.
  • System tools: with allow is for starting up notices after rebooting the phone
  • Hardware controls: to get the notification to start vibration option
  • Fitness App: To start multiple abs workout scope in available that help to you get six pack abs. To reach your six pack abs goal properly follow your own trainer and expert workouts.
  • Fitness coach: All exercise has designed by the qualified fitness coach. Now, Within your pocket, a personal fitness coach and exercises guide via the exercise.
  • Fat Burning workout & HIIT workouts: It offers best fat burning & hit exercises for strong body shape. By starting exercises burn calories 50 to 100 and combine with exercise to get the super results.
  • Workout at Home: you keep and fit effectively your body to take a few minutes a day & to lose weight start the exercises at home. No need any stuff just use your bodyweight to exercise at home.
  • Short workouts: it offers short in time exercises program for busy people who don’t have many periods to fitness, you will get the cools and fast heartbeat touch in a few times. These HIIT (high- intensity interval training) can boost the good results.

7 minute workout app free download

Additional Information:

Last updated: June 8, 2018

File Size: Varies with the device

Total installs: 10,000,000+

Current Version: Varies with the device

Minimum Requirement: Varies with the device

 Average Content Rating: out of 3+

What’s new :

  • Bus fixed

Pros & cons:


  • Free
  • Different type of lots of practice put together into 7-minute exercises
  • Customize your time to 30 seconds or another time to progress or reduce the difficulty
  • Set back to 10 seconds or if you wish


  • When you start any of the exercises can’t turn off, so if you would like to unable you will have to keep skipping exercises.
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Final Thoughts:

7 min workout app is an Android, iPhone & iPad exercise app that will guide to get more benefit, more happy and healthy in as less as seven minutes. I hope this little post helps you if you any problem feel free to ask us below in this comment section.



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