Free Fire Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds Download Latest V1.60.1 2021

Free Fire is an online Battleground game Which is managed by social media (Facebook account) and google contact. Free Fire mod apk is the popular Virtual Battleground game in the world. There are adventures, fighting, and creativity in this game. Mod free fire is the best online battle royal game in the world. Free Fire has 450 million players. Free Fire received the award for the “Best Popular Vote Game”. Read full information about the Free Fire Battleground game. So, we ensured that A to Z information about Garena free fire apk mod is available here. 

Free Fire Mod APK

Garena free fire mod APK Features

Application NameGarena Free Fire Mod APK Latest Version
File Size46 MB / 677 MB
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Latest updateApril 9, 2021
Total Install500,000,000+
Require Android4.1 and up
Support AndroidVarious devices
Develop ByGarena
Google Play store

Download (46.0MB) and 620 MB

Free Fire Mod APK (46.0 M)


Forrest Li created the garena free fire apk battle royale game on 30 September, 2017. 

Garena is the publisher of Free Fire. Garena is a famous game publisher company in Singapore and founded in 2009. Terry Zhao is the president of Garena at Sea Limited in Singapore. Terry Zhao is a good IT expert. He completed his undergraduate from Nanyang Technological University. 111dots Studio is Developer of Free Fire. 

Free Fire’s official website is

free fire mod apk

Garena Free Fire mod has a few modes. Such as Classic Mode, Ranked Game, Custom Game, Rush Hour and Solo, Duo and Squad. We will not play Free Fire without modes. So Free Fire beginner players should know all the details of Free Fire modes.

1. Classic MOD

Firstly, Classic Mode is the popular battleground game mode of Free Fire players. To play Classic mode of Free Fire, you need to total 50 players. Game will play 50 players VS you. But you choose your battleground. 

2. Ranked mode

To achieve ranking point on Garena free fire apk mod, ranked mode is the best. According to reward with 20% bonus on the achieved experience points and cash. Ranked mode has some Alluring benefits.

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3.Solo, Duo and Squad 

Surprisingly, this mode is the best for beginner players within all types of players. 

Let’s see what is the meaning of Solo, Duo and Squad. 

Solo means one player can play free fire Against 50 players.

Due means two players can play Free Fire battleground Against 50 players.

Squad means four players can play Against 50 players. 

In a world, all modes (without classic mode) are like classic mode. But there are some differences in each all mode.

4.Custom Mode 

You can decorate custom Mode wisely on Free Fire.  This mode is somewhat different from other modes. In this Custom mode, you can play with the private server however you want. 

5.Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a type of game that has a limit. We cannot play Rush hour mode when you want. You can play the highest 1 time in Per week on Monday. There are 20 players who will fight each other in Rush hour mode in Free Fire battleground.

How to Free Fire mod APK download and install

How to download free fire mod apk

How to install Free Fire mod APK for Android 

Firstly, go to the play store and search Free Fire. Then you will press the Install bar. After finishing, install Free Fire apk. You are ready for Free Fire. Free fire mod is the most played game by Android version. Because Android gives a simple option to install methods. 

How to install Free Fire mod for iOS

To say well, you can play Free Fire smoothly on the iOS version. For that, you will go to the App store and search Free Fire. When finishing, install Free Fire then you get a login option. This method is the same for iPad. 

How to install Free Fire for PC 

If you can download Free Fire on your pc. So go to  and search the Nox player app. (There are many websites available for downloading Free Fire. But this website is easy for downloading Free Fire.) Then download this player. After finishing Download this app then install this. From Nox player’s search bar, you can download Free Fire. After finishing Download Free Fire mod and install Free Fire. 

How to install Free Fire for MacBook 

Firstly, you will sign in google account on your browser (if not sign in). Then go to . You install Free Fire easily on this website. Press the Download bar. After finishing Download, you can install Free Fire on your MacBook.

MOD APK Free Fire Login 

After complete download, enter Free Fire app to login. There are two options for login Free Fire.

  1. Facebook account 
  2. Google account 

Two ways (Facebook and Google account) is to login to Free Fire. But Google account is the safe for login Free Fire mod. To know well, Passwords must be very strong. Anyone can’t hack this account. 

Free Fire Login Error 

If you don’t know how to recover the Login error of Free Fire. So, this is difficult to recover from Login error. But you can Free Fire login in a single moment. When You will see that, Login error. Then press feedback. And wait some moments. Your Free Fire login erron will recover. 

Free Fire Famous player 

Garena Free Fire has more than 8.2 million active players in the free-fire world. But A few players are famous. 

Who and why is the famous player? Let’s find out the Answer. 

TSG Jason

TSG Jason is the best Garena Free Fire Player in the world. According to his performance, we can say that he is the number one player on Garena Free Fire. 

Jash’s Free Fire ID is 123643969. There are 6.1 million subscribers on his “two side gamers” YouTube channel.  

Nayeem Alam

Nayeem Alam is a popular Free Fire battleground player.  Her total kills are 2382, 69 Booyahs and 543 squad (at this time when writing the article). Surprisingly, his YouTube channel has 900K subscribers.  

Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is the No-1 Free Fire player in Indian servers. He earns a lot of net worth from video tutorials of Free Fire garena. Surprisingly, there are 768K subscribers on his Official Youtube channel and His Free Fire Account ID is 97653930.  

Sudip Sarkar’s Activities are 388 Squad, 70 Booyahs, 4.38 KD and 1392 total kills.


Rakesh00007 is a dangerous Free Fire player. He never gives up.  Most of the tournament he won. 

 Surprisingly, Rakesh00007 has a record total number of kills is 1380 and total played tournaments is 361. 

His Garena Free Fire Account is 47282554.


Raistar is a player of Free Fire garena and he is in Indian servers too. His Free fire account is 12022250. There are 2.26 million subscribers on his Official Youtube channel.  

Raistar earns a lot of money from his YouTube channel. There are many video contents of Free Fire available on his YouTube channel. Raiser’s Free Fire activities are 386 kills, 173 squad, 23 Booyahs and 2.54 KD (at this time when writing the article).

Free fire diamond apk

Free Fire Diamond APK (Top-up)

Exchanged Fire Fire character and pets by Free Fire Diamonds. Free Fire Diamond is like currency. You can buy characters, Elite Pass, pets, cosmetics and bundles to spend diamonds. You can buy diamonds by payment. Many websites are available to Exchange Diamond and gold coins.

Download Free Fire Max

Garena Free Fire is a free version game.

But Free Fire Max is a premium version game. Free Fire Max has an excellent battleground and nice-looking background. Garena free fire is only supported in Singapore servers. Garena Free Fire Max is the fantasy among Garena Free Fire. Because Free Fire Max has a lot of benefits. 

Which is not in the free version (Free Fire) of the game. Garena Free Fire Max is not available in every country.

How many servers have Free Fire?

This is possible to change servers. There are nine servers that have Free Fire. Such as 

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Indonesia Server: Indonesia’s server has more than 11 million active players on Free Fire in Indonesian servers. Indonesian servers have many facilities. Such as free special Gift, free per (Shiba and Panda pet), the biggest facility is there are no frame drops in Game. 

Singapore Server: Free Fire is launched in Singapore. So, we can say that Free Fire Singapore server is the best server. But this server is a small server. There are 1.2 million active players in Singapore server on Free Fire battleground. There were no best benefits are not available on the Singapore server. But at this time, this server is going to upgrade and give manu benefits. 

India Server: Pakistan, Bangladesh and India both are Free Fire Indian servers. So this server is the powerful server of Free Fire garena . Surprisingly, Indian servers have more than 25 million active gamers on Free Fire. There are more than 4.2 million subscribers on Free Fire’s official YouTube channel. The best benefit of the indian server is low ping. Garena Free Fire low ping balanced is 70-80 (generally).  One diamond (top up event) is available on Indian servers. On the other hand, emotes unlock, Free character events and magic cube events are on Garena Free Fire Indian servers.

Mexico Server:  Mexico servers’ others name is LATAM server. This server has more than 25 million active players in Free Fire.  There are more than 6.27 million subscribers on Free Fire official YouTube channel. Mexico Server’s best benefit is free character and free DJ Alok character. DJ Alok is the best character on the Garena Free Fire. On the other hand, Special Gold royal bundle and latest free fire event is available on LATAM servers. This server also has Free Emotes like Indian servers.

Brazil Server: Brazil’s server has a large number of players. The number of players are more than 50 million active players in the Fre Fire battleground. Garena free fire Brazil’s official YouTube channel has more than 8.2 million subscribers (at this time when writing the article). Brazil servers best   benefit is Free Fire Diamond generator ( approx 1000 Diamonds instant by one click). On the other hand, Free Poring pet and Mechanical puppy are best pets. But these pets are free for Brazil Servers. “Invitations for custom rooms and No Lag in Game” this type of facilities are available on Brazil servers. 

Thailand Server: Free Fire latest Redeem Code list on Thailand server. The Thailand server has more than 9 million active players on Garena Free Fire. There are more than 3.1 million active subscribers on Garena free fire Thailand’s official YouTube channel. But this number is not good for Free Fire Thailand servers. Special airdrop, Free Grenade skins, Free Parachute skins and Latest various Events are available on Free Fire battleground. 

Hiroshima Server: To know well, Hiroshima Server has a great benefit for players of Hiroshima and the benefit is “In Free Fire Unlock all Characters with Gold coins”. On the other hand, there are many benefits in Free Fire Hiroshima Servers. Such as Free Gloo wall skin, Elite pass, Vehicle skins, and Free Scar and Draganova Gun skins etc. Hiroshima Servers has 7.5 million active players and it’s official YouTube channel has more than 3 million subscribers (at this time when writing the article). This server is not a bed for Hiroshima’s players. 

Nepal server: 

Free Fire Nepal server is very poor. But this server has a few good facilities. Such as Free MP-40 Gun skin, Clap emote, game reward and cheap rate of diamonds. We don’t know why we don’t have any official YouTube channel for Nepal server. 

Vietnam server: Vietnam server is the best Servers on Free Fire battleground. Vietnam servers have more than 10 million active gamers in the Garena Free Fire Vietnam server.  There are more than 4.5 million subscribers on the official YouTube channel of Vietnam Servers. Famous characters, Surfboard skins and Rewards are available for free on Vietnam Servers. 

Characters of Free Fire 

Free Fire players played with various Characters. Normally, character is the interface of celebrity people. Garena Free Fire has 34 characters. Every character has unique abilities. 

  1. A124: A124 is a symbol of modern technology. It is a smart and intelligent robot. It is the best popular character on Free Fire. It’s Ability – Thrill of Battle. 
  • Adam: We believed Adam was the first man of the world. 
  • DJ Alok: In real life, DJ Alok is a DJ star. This character has Ability to Drop the Beat. 
  • Alvaro: Alvaro’s ability is   Art of Demolition) Alvaro.
  •  Andrew: Andrew’s capacity is Armor Specialist. 
  •  Antonio:  Antonio is a member of Gangster. It is a dangerous character. 
  • Caroline:  Its character has Ability is Agility. 
  • Clu: Chu is a talented character. He is a private detective. 
  •   Ability Tracing Steps
  1. EveEve: we Don’t give any information about Eve Eve.
  1.  Ford: Ford is a powerful navy man. His special capacity is Iron Will and attack commando.
  1.  Hayato: Hayato is a samurai Expert. His Ability (Bushido) is so dangerous. 
  1.  Jai: Jai is like an Indian Hero. His character is swat commando. His special capacity is Raging Reload.
  1.  Joseph: Joseph’s ability is the Nutty Movement. Professionally, he is a physicist.
  1.  Jota: Jota has a stuntman character on Garena Free Fire battleground.  His special capacity is Sustained Raids.
  1. Kapella: Kapella is a famous pop star and singer. 
  1.  Kelly: Kelly’s character is a high school sprinter who is a dangerous girl character.
  1.  Kla: He is a fighter of Thailand. His special Ability is Muay Thai.
  1.  Laura: Laura is a talented Shooter on the Garena Free Fire.  Its special capacity is Sharp Shooting.
  • Luqueta: Luqueta is a rising soccer player.

His special capacity is Hat Trick.

  •  Maxim: Maxim is a dangerous character, that is a competitive speed eater. 

This character has Ability is gluttony.

  •  Miguel: Miguel has a popular character.  Its character has the capacity as Crazy Slayer.
  •  Misha: Misha is an extremely Intelligent racer. Her Ability is Afterburner. 
  •  Moco: Moca is an outstanding hacker. Her Ability is   Hacker’s Eye. This character is a favourite of Free Fire players.
  • Nikita: Nikita is a Firearms Expert and professional Bodyguard. 
  •  Notora: Notora is a dangerous character on the Garena Free Fire battleground.  She is a member of a motorcycle gang and her special capacity is Racer’s Blessing.
  •  Olivia: Olivia is a unique character on Garena Free Fire. Her special capacity is Treatments and Healing Touch. Olivia is a character of a nurse.
  •  Paloma: Paloma is an army man. She always works underground. Her special capacity is Arms-dealing. She is a dangerous character on Free Fire battleground. 
  •  Rafael:  Rafael is a deadly killer. His powerful Ability is Dead Silent.
  •  Shani: This character works in the junkyard. Her special Ability is Gear Recycle. Shani is an engineer. 
  •  Steffie: Steffie is an artist. She is a pro graffiti artist and is a dangerous character on Garena Free Fire. Her special Ability is Painted Refuge.
  • Christiano: In real life, Christiano is a football player. Christiano is a popular character on the Ganera Free Fire battleground game.

These ways are the best for safe your Free Fire Account:

To analyse Garena Free Fire, we can give some tips for a safe Free Fire Account. 

  1. You can give a Strong password on your Free Fire Account.  Strong password is like Capital letter, small letters, numbers and symbols.  
  • Remember it, don’t share your password or OTP with anyone. 
  • Don’t share your any single information with any link or site.  
  • When your password or any private document were hacked.  Then you will contact the Garena Free Fire Support Team. 

How to earn money from free fire

Most famous Free Fire players (TSG Jason, Raistar, Rakesh00007 and Nayeem Alam) earn a great amount of net worth from Free Fire.  They created “how to play and won Free Fire” this type of video content on their own YouTube channel and earn money. On the other hand, To Exchanged Free Fire Diamond and Gold coins you can earn money.

Free Fire Account Hackers

Hacking is a common crime on social platforms.  This hacker tried to hack the Free Fire account. 

Basically, the Free Fire account for Diamond is hacked. Rich Free Fire accounts are always on the lookout for hackers to hack.

So, we need to care about playing Free Fire games. To play Free Fire, face any problem in the Free Fire Account. contact with Free Fire Help Centre and support Team.

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