Secret 5 Social Media Apps for Chat 2019

There are lots of social apps for chat and messaging for Android & iOS. In this little post, we are going to discuss the best secure social app for chat and messaging in 2019.

We live in an era of social age; now social networks apps are part of our life. We can’t think to help people without social media. The best online messaging app helps human build good relationships with their family members and friends.

Day by day top social networking sites has grown the popularity of their useful apps. According to recent of a survey on social networking and messaging platforms average internet users are now spending time 2 hours and 22 minutes per day.  Android smartphone devices are capturing more and more area the digital age of technology. Mobile devices interface is easy and user-friendly with accessible internet data available in any place. Available internet data and accessibility social app for chat lures people to always stay to connect and encouraging to spend more time.

Top 5 Best Social apps for chat & messaging online 2019

We are providing the top 5 best social apps for chat and messaging for Android and iOS device.

1: Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a social app for chat & messaging application for Android and IOS device.  It accesses to their visitors to send instant messaging service.  Messenger application has been developed by Facebook. By using Facebook messenger, you can send text, video call, share photo and documents and much more. Actually, Facebook messenger announce in August 2011 that was the name of the messaging app group is Beluga. It is totally different from Facebook but that is operated by a fakebook owner.

Message anyone, no number needed, creates a personal group and business group with different pull and more. Get creative with chat and different type of color Gifs and stickers.  Send photos and videos with filters. Make a video call with the chatting option.

Visit Website: Facebook Messenger

2: WhatsApp


WhatsApp is another best social app for a chat in the era of the technology age. It has launched in 2009 and WhatsApp gets more popularity in short time. WhatsApp is the best online messaging app is used over 1.5 billion monthly users worldwide. It has popularity in over 180 countries. A recent Surveys show that on WhatsApp app sent 60 million messages every day. WhatsApp is a 100% free application for Android and iOS device. It allows to video and audio calling with internet data or wi-fi network. It is user-friendly easy to navigate the operating system and security but takes to beat is hard. Use WhatsApp free with 3G,4G,2G, and EDGE or WI-FI network. Sent Multimedia video, photo, file and other. Free call and group chat social communication. Even use it on the computer.

Visit Website: Whats App

3: Telegram

Telegram is one of the top social apps for chat for Android and iOS platform.  Telegram strongly claim is that about his best secure messaging app on the competitive market. It has become more known their best performance and security on over the terrorist world.  If you search of the top list of the social messaging application, you can find here telegram messenger is best well-known messaging app that works like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and Twitter.


you can send messages for free via connecting wi-fi network on your smartphone and iOS device anytime and anyplace. According to a recent survey to the social app for chat, Telegram has over ten 200 million monthly regular users. It was launched in 2013. Send a fast and instant message. Secure and more powerful and sent the unlimited file and data transfer service. 100% free trustable, simple interface with the private option.

Visit Website: Telegram

3: Signal


The signal is one of the best social apps for chat & messaging for Android and iOS platform. You can use it alike WhatsApp or iMessage or Facebook Messenger. But it is different from other social chatting application for their privacy and strong security. Use it Android, iOS and Chrome browser extension to link with your mobile with offers extra high-security protocols. It offers a list of basic messaging tools which you need to use.

Visit Website: Signal

4: WeChat


We Chat is the top social app for chat & messaging tool for Android and iOS device. There have over 700 million users in the world-wide. 

We chat app leads the Chinese network.  It brings also a success at the global level. The application offers its users to send text messages, voice calls, video calls, grouping chats, & multimedia attachments. It specially added curious features alike “Friend Radar”, “People Nearby “and “shake” that helps to fast find new friends around nearby. It is the best application to feel proud of Android and iOS clients. It has strong security so that all users can rely on it.  As users of this app, I highly recommend it. use without any doubt.

Visit Website: WeChat

5: Line

line social media app for chat

The line is one of the best social network Asian apps. it’s acceptance as a social app for the chat the Japanese app line. It is used to more than 600 million users all over the world. line application offers to the users a series of stickers to send and embed in chats and messaging.  The social network app allows group conversation and calls of over 200 users. Call anywhere and anytime voice and video, enjoy easy and fun all social networking features. Use and discover most worlds popular characters at the sticker shop and store the message, photos, videos and share with your friends.

Visit Website: Line

6: Skype:


Skype is world-wide used as audio and video performances. skype is known yet better way to fast chat with only text.  a few days ago, with youthful and colorful. Make a video call and talk face to face and new group video calls with up to 25 people. Easily message your friends instantly and allow up to 300 people to a group chat.

Skype social app for chat, share photo, videos messages on smartphones, tablets, pcs and Macs.

Visit website: Skype


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